Advertising Policy

Greetings from The advertising that are shown on our website are a reflection of our dedication to honesty and openness. This Advertising Policy describes how we handle and present advertisements to provide a satisfying customer experience while adhering to Google AdSense guidelines.

Standards for Advertising

In order to make sure that the advertisements that appear on are pertinent, unobtrusive, and beneficial to our users, we follow the following guidelines:

Relevance: We work hard to show advertisements that complement the material on our website and are pertinent to the interests of our audience. This makes the advertisements you view more relevant and interesting.
Transparency: We make a clear distinction between editorial content and advertisements. Advertisements or sponsored material will always be clearly marked as such, making it simple for you to tell them apart from our original content.

Non-Intrusive: By avoiding intrusive ad formats, we hope to offer a seamless browsing experience. To improve your experience on, fewer invasive ad formats, such as pop-ups and auto-playing videos, are displayed.
Quality: We only collaborate with respectable sponsors who satisfy our requirements for quality. We constantly check the advertisements that are shown on our website to make sure they adhere to our policies and benefit our visitors.

Google AdSense Compatibility

We abide by all AdSense policies as a participant in the Google AdSense programme. This entails following policies on user privacy, ad placement, and content. How we make sure compliance is this:

Content Guidelines: We make sure that everything on is appropriate for all audiences and family-friendly. Content that encourages unlawful activity, is aggressive, or is sexually explicit is not permitted.
Placement of Ads: Placements of ads are made so that they don't impede the user's experience. We don't put advertisements in a way that interferes with navigation or content.
User Privacy: We respect your right to privacy and comply with all relevant rules and legislation. For comprehensive details on the ways in which we gather, utilise, and safeguard your personal data, kindly consult our Privacy Policy.
Types of Advertisements

On, you could come across a variety of ad formats, such as but not restricted to:

Banner Ads: Located on the sides, top, or bottom of our webpages.
Native Ads: Integrated into our content in a style that complements our website's overall aesthetic.
Posts or articles that are obviously marked as sponsored by an advertiser are referred to as sponsored content.
Advertiser Accountability

It is the responsibility of advertisers to make sure that their advertisements abide by all relevant rules and regulations. Any advertisements that we believe are improper for our audience or that go against our policies or standards may be removed at our discretion.

Comments and Issues

We appreciate your opinions. Please email us at if you see any advertisements that you feel are inappropriate or if you have any questions about our advertising policies. We value all feedback and will act appropriately to resolve any issues raised.

Modifications to This Policy

This Advertising Policy may be updated periodically to reflect modifications to our policies or for additional operational, legal, or regulatory purposes. Any modifications will be announced on this page, with the most recent revision date appearing at the top of the policy.

Get in touch with us

Please get in touch with us at: if you have any issues concerning our advertising policy.