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880ml USB Aroma Diffuser

880ml USB Aroma Diffuser

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With Our Enchanting Moon Lamp Humidifier, Light Up Your Space! ✨🌕

With the right balance of style and use, our Moon Lamp Humidifier will transport you to a world of charm and tranquilly! Allow the moonlight to lead you to relaxation whether you're at home, at work, or travelling. 🏠🌙

Important characteristics:

Dual Purpose: This expertly crafted lamp serves as both a humidifier and a light source, bringing a sense of peace to any space. Bid farewell to arid air and welcome to a cosier environment. 💧🌿

Easy Timing Function: Our Moon Lamp, which runs on a DC5V voltage, has an easy timing function that lets you adjust how it operates to your preferences. Stress relief made simple: just set it and forget it! ⏰💫

Ideal Humidifying Capacity: Our humidifier offers the best possible air quality and comfort with a humifying capacity of 30 ml/h and a mist outlet quantity of one. Breathe easily and unwind in this tranquil setting. 🌬️😌

Long-Lasting Moisture: With a roomy 880ML capacity, the Moon Lamp Humidifier offers relaxation and long-lasting moisture. Allow the soft mist to engulf you in peace and quiet throughout the day. 🌊✨

Whisper-Quiet Operation: With a noise level of less than 36 dB, our humidifier runs in the background so you can relax and unwind without being interrupted. Calm evenings and sound slumber are in store! 🌟💤

Dependability and Safety: Our humidifier puts safety and dependability first, assuring worry-free running day and night. It is CE certified and has water-shortage power-off protection. 🛡️🔒

Small and Lightweight: This keyboard-style humidifier, which measures 140140160(mm), is lightweight and portable, making it ideal for use on a desk, nightstand, or other surface. Go anywhere and bring the moonlight's magic with you! 🚀🌌

Our Moon Lamp Humidifier is made with premium PVC/PP and electronic components, so it will survive for years and bring you years of pleasure and relaxation. 🌼✨

Convert Your Area into a Calm Haven! Experience the magic of moonlight in your own house by ordering our LED Colourful Night Light and Humidifier today. 🌙💫

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